Monday, August 31, 2009

The greatest game of all

This has been a chaotic week on the edge. One birthday party for a 6 year old took precedence over everything else last weekend. It was worth it though when I saw the excitement and joy radiating from his little face. There were numerous ball practices and ball games to attend and cheer for. But, personally, I find T-ball the most thrilling game to watch. The "players" are still young enough to enjoy playing for the game's sake and not for accolades or praise. My little "players" showed enough enthusiasm to play in the World Series. What fun to watch as they missed hitting the ball more times than they hit. God surely loves the children and when He said "You must become as little children" he meant lose the attitudes of adulthood.
Well, it is Monday again and the darlins' are back in school and I have a kid wrecked home to clean. So until next time---enjoy living life "on the edge".

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome from the Edge

Hi. I am a grandmother with custody of 4 grands. I love caring for them and find that my life is never boring with them around. This morning I have refereed 3 fights, answered 1000 (at least) questions, and fixed 20 pancakes--all before my first cup of coffee. If I sound incoherent and delirious at times, it's because I am.

Hope to have fun with sharing my kids escapades and my ramblings with you.