Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leading by Example

I think that as moms (grandmothers) we must let our children see us live our life to glorify God. We must live that life in private at home as well as in the public sector. I once heard a wise man say "live your life in such a way that you would sell your parrot to the town gossip."

Saying one thing to our children and living the opposite is only confusing to our children. If we tell them it is wrong to lie or steal and "bring home office supplies" or have the children tell the telephone caller "I'm not home" is only broadening the gap between a good example and actual living.

Our children have enough pressures and problems to deal with at school today without wondering why Mommy tells them to live one way while she is doing what she is telling them to never do.

Our children need us to show them how to live--not just tell them.

This is something I pray about every day and trust God to give the strength and wisdom to help my grandchildren see me "walking the walk and not just talking the talk."