Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a Life!!

I guess I had better explain the previous post (by the same name as this one).  It has been one of those crazy weeks.  Whatever could go wrong did. But, you know what?  I found that there are blessings in crazy weeks just like there are blessings in good weeks.  Sometimes I find more blessings in the crazy weeks.  In fact, the crazier the week, the more of God's blessing can be found.  I had trouble keeping up with housework this week because of the kids, and I was sick for a couple of days.  Then I thought of the blessings the kids brought to me.  The housework reminded me that I do have a house to make into a home for my family.  I was sick with a simple "bug"  which reminded me that most of the time I do feel well and am thankful for my health.

This week taught me that although troubles do come along, God is always there for me.  I'm sure you can find the blessings hidden in the trials that might come your way.

Think about it!