Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Week at the Edge

Well, it's Sunday evening here and the weekly battle has begun. School clothes to prepare, papers to sign, and kids to settle down. All I can say is "Thank God, tomorrow is a school day." I know that sounds strange but I am not insane, totally anyway. With all the kids in school I do have a couple of hours breathing time before chaos reigns again. This has been a confusing and hectic weekend here. I have either a cold or the "flu"--only know I have felt terrible. But life goes on doesn't it. I still had to take kids to ballgames even if I am sick. I managed to watch the games from my car since it was cold outside and and I didn't want to get close enough to other people to spread any germs. Today, I did absolutely nothing and did not feel any guilt at all. Hopefully, tomorrow I can force myself to clean the house a little bit. Who knows, I felt no guilt today maybe tomorrow I can stay in bed again. What do you think?