Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Days

Well, the kids went back to school today. My life is slowly getting back to normal. What I said previously about getting my house cleaned--forget that. I was speaking delusionally. Oh well, last week was chaotic anyway. Monday, I got my new car, Tuesday and Wednesday I took my husband to Nashville for his second shoulder surgery and the rest of the week didn't just go downhill, it snowballed down there.

But, you know what? God was right where He said He would be. Right there with me. All I had to do was call on Him and He held me in His arms.

Today, my oldest turns 15. Fun times are starting. Actually, the teenage turmoil has already begun. Pray that both of us will survive these teen years.

I hope you all are encouraged by my posts. If nothing else be thankful that it's my life and not yours. lol.

Gotta go, until next time I will be right here--living my life on the edge!