Sunday, October 11, 2009

In a Desert Place-Part 2

After I finished posting In A Desert Place, I am finding myself in one. I hope that I can follow the advice in the poem and rely on Him to see me through. Picture this. You have no idea of any problem and turn the key to start your car. All you hear is a sound like a handful of rocks in your engine. Well, that happened to me yesterday. Now my van is dead in my driveway with no hope of returning to life. Now, this might not sound so bad but our financial situation is about as dead as the car. With only child support and worker's comp as income we are no situation to purchase a bicycle much less a four wheeled luxury like a car big enough to hold 2 adults, 1 teenager, and 3 children. Need I even say anything about the status the teenager wants to project with our choice. Oh well, I trust God for my day to day life and circumstances so I will pray and trust Him for this. After all He owns the car, doesn't He?

I will keep on keeping on and plugging along with Him by my side.

Just keep me in your prayers too.

Life is blessed just because I am His.