Monday, October 26, 2009

Life on the Edge--orSliding in the Mud

Well, if things could not be complicated at "the edge" we are now fighting a water leak. Half my yard is dug up and is a solid mass of mud. Naturally, the kids are acting like they are on a water park ride. This would not be bad except, hello, we have no water. So the kids are running around with inches of mud on their feet and hands and playing tag. I guess I should just sit back and let them play without worrying about it. Actually, with no water what else can I do. I might just rub some on my face--isn't that supposed to be good for your skin? I am really getting delusional now. HELP!!! Oh well, what else have I got to do but clean house 24/7 and scrub kids or should I say scrape kids? If you pass my house and see me spraying kids off with the water hose (when I do get water that is), don't think bad of me. Just honk your horn and wave because you have just seen how life is "on the edge."

Until next time, take care and thank God for your family.