Saturday, November 21, 2009

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

Well, chaos agains reigns "on the edge." It has been a couple of days that would send a stong man run screaming. But since I am not a strong man--or even a man, I stayed the course.

To really start things rolling downhill, the kids' bus was 15 minutes late. This doesn't sound like a major problem but with a kid to dress and feed and send to preschool, this set my already tight schedule back. This meant playing catchup the rest of the morning. Oh well, I'm used to rushing to get things done. But, when I picked up the preschooler, I needed to take her and the other darlins' to get their swine flu vaccines. I arrived at the location on time and was in line for the nurses to administer the vaccines. However, since it was given at school and time was running out for the older kids to catch their buses, we were instructed to let them go first. OK, no problem, another 45 minutes and we were almost to our destination again, when we were instructed to move to the back of the line to let an even larger group of students go first. Yeah, bus problems again. After another 45 minutes of standing in line, attempting to keep 3 kids corraled and cooperative, we were told that the elementary students weren't supposed to be there for another 2 hours. After much grumbling from other parents (not me, I am so easy to get along with. Yeah right) we were finally allowed to go through the staff line. All in all our total waitning time was about 2 hours. Did I ever tell you that patience is not my strong point. by this time my entire body ached and I'm afraid that I was not as nice to kids as I normally am. Oh no, I think the vaccine has infected my brain. Did I just say that I am always nice to my kids? You other mothers know what I mean, don't you?

OK so that is one day in a week of torture. The next day I attended the annual Thanksgiving at preschool. Well, when I arrive, my darlin' informed me she did not feel so well. Guess what, she has the same "bug" she had earlier this month. I took her home and she went to sleep and slept all day. Thank God, her fever did not get as high as it did before but I called her doctor for a prescription for her.
She slept fine all night but I didn't. I was always waking up to check on her.

Now, I have to take the boys to church for their Upward Basketball evaluations. I am glad they want to participate in this but it means I will be "On the road again." I just hope the road does not lead me over the edge. Life on the edge is enough for me.

Well, time is awastin' and I have things to do. So I guess I had better go and get to doin'. I hope you are encouraged by my life--if only to say to yourself "glad that's not my life."

Until next time, this is life on the edge.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Regret-Free Living by Stephen Arterburn

This book gives us tools to use to change our regrets and live regret-free. Arterburn tells us that not only must we forgive others but the biggest obstacle to the life that God plans for us is our inability to forgive ourselves. He actually relates an incident from his past to illustrate this concept. He is very open and honest in relating this major event and the process he had to go through in order to forgive himself and receive forgiveness from the other person involved in the situation. By following this process he shows the reader how much work is involved in the process but how satisfying his life became once he was able to find true self-forgiveness.

I enjoyed this book because it helped me release past regrets from my own life. In parts of the book I felt as though Arterburn was speaking directly to me Perhaps the most important and helpful information I gleaned from reading this book was when I read "don't take on more responsibilty than you actually own for a situation with another person." I have a tendency to focus on my mistakes and deceive myself into thinking I am the sole cause for a situation in my relationships. After reading this book, I will make a conscious effort to accept only my part in a problem.

This book was reviewed for Bethany House Publishers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Birthday

Well, another major birthday party today. She has left the 4 year old "little kid" phase and is now in the "BIG" girl stage of being 5. What a major step that is. She let her wishes known in no uncertain terms. The problem here was explaining that some of thse wonderful inventions would have to wait until the next important holiday--Christmas. She did enjoy the cake and is still buzzing from the sugar high. As for me, I am dragging but what to me is an end of an exhausting day is the beginning of a new adventure for her. After all, she is not a baby anymore but is now considered one of the major league players in her game of life.

Oh well, this year will also pass and the next one will bring more adventures and life changing events.

Sorry, the post is so short tonight but as I said, this is the end of an exhausting day. So until tomorrow that is life on the edge tonight.

Have a good night and enjoy your kids while they are young. Too soon they will be a member of that alien group called teenagers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought we all needed to count our blessings. If you are like me, sometimes our pain seems to crowd out the blessings. But If I look really close, the blessings are there and in abundance. I wrote this poem years ago when I was having a problem seeing the blessings. God came through for me again and showed me that He is always with me--in the trials and in the blessings.

My life is filled with trials
And tests on every hand.
But I take them all to Jesus
Because I know He'll understand.

I stop each day and ponder
The gifts He gives to me--
The blessings far outnumber
Whatever the trials may be.

My cup runneth over
And my many blessings I can't count.
But I know that God is with me
Of that I have no doubt.

His arms are always around me
Each and every day.
And when I'm faced with trials
I know He hears me when I pray.

So always look to Jesus in
Whatever you're going through.
For dear friend He's there waiting
With such great love for you.

I hope you enjoy and remember that we are blessed whether we recognize the blessing He sends or not.

Stay encouraged and blessed.
Until next time, this is life on the edge.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Mother's Holiday

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I would let you men know how a woman "relaxes" during this time of year.

Up before dawn
Sweeping and mopping.
Too much to do
No time for stopping.
The family is nestled
All snug in their beds.
While visions of a turkey dinner
Dance in their head.
There's cooking to be done
and laundry to do,
Gotta scrub the floors
And clean the windows too.
The TV comes on
The family is awake.
How much more do you think I can take?
The relatives pour in with
Shouts of good cheer,
Why did I offer to have
The family dinner here?
Now that the meal is done
The relatives leave amid
Shouts of good wishes,
While hubby and kids watch TV
Guess who gets stuck with the dishes?

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Recently when my 4 year old was sick I was reminded of a time a few years ago when her 7 year old brother was sick. I had written a story about how God had used this to teach me a valuable lesson.

When I can get the kids on the school bus and to day care I consider my mornings to be a success. With four kids to feed and get dressed, mornings are always chaotic at my house. One wants cereal for breakfast, one wants eggs and one wants anything that no one else wants or we do not have. Getting out the door with everyone dressed and my sanity intact is always a miracle.

One morning I was "patting myself on the back" for managing to deliver the kids to their appointed destinations on time. I even had a few minutes to spare so I decided to stop at the neighborhood cafe for a much needed cup of coffee. As i was savoring the delicious coffee, I began to plan my my day. I could shampoo my carpets, clean the overstuffed closets, and maybe do a load or two of laundry. I had just finished my coffee and plans for the day when my cell phone began to ring.
Isn't technology wonderful?

The voice of the day care director, in one sentence, changed my entire plans for the day. "Christian has a fever and you will need to pick him up." "Sure, I'm on my way," I stammered gulping the last of my coffee. I paid my check and headed for my car. As I pu my keys in the ignition I thought of all my ambitious plans for the day. Oh well, I thought as I pulled out into the street and headed for the short drive to day care. I can pick up Christian and settle him down to watch his favorite cartoons and get some chores marked off my ever-growing "to do" list.

When I arrived at day care I spotted Christian in a corner with the saddest expression on his face. Ms. Sherry, his teacher, explained that he did not act as though he were sick. However, when a child has a fever he needs to go home. "I understand," I told her as I bent down to give Christian a hug. "Do you hurt anywhere?" I asked him. Tears began rolling down his face as he hugged me and said, "No Nanny, I just want to go home."

We got in the car and headed for home. I felt so sorry for him that I stopped at his favorite restaurant, McDonald's and got him a kid's meal and milk shake. As he enjoyed his meal we talked--I mean really talked--about everything. We talked about his friends at day care and what he was learning. When I talked to him I actually felt as though he were really interested in what I had to say (unlike my husband sometimes). I haven't felt that good about a conversation in a long time. I know what has been said about a "little child shall lead them" but today I actually learned about the pleasure of enjoying a conversation with someone.

When we arrived home I asked him if he would like to go to bed and watch TV. "No,Nanny, I want to make cookies with you." So we made cookies and laughed and talked some more. "This is fun," he said to me with flour on his face. He looked so precious I had to laugh and say, "You know these cookies are done, we need to taste test before we let the rest of the family eat any of these. Do you feel like having some milk and cookies?" "Sure," he said. After enjoying some milk and cookies, I checked his temperature. It had gone down some but he still had a small fever.

"Why don't you go in your room and let me put you in bed and turn your cartoons on for you?" Without another word he went into his room and got into bed. I turned on his favorite cartoon channel and kissed him. Before ten minutes went by he was sound asleep. I went into the kitchen and washed up the dishes and threw in a load of towels to wash. I then went into the living room and sat in my rocking chair for a rest. I looked at my to-do list and realized that I could not get my list done and laid it to the side.

When Christian awoke he wanted me to color with him. This is what we were doing when Tori came bounding through the door. She ran to Chriatain and gave him a hug. I explained to her that he had a fever and had to leave day care early. He excitedly showed her the cookies we made and the pictures that we had colored. I looked at the clock and realized it was time to pick up Nikolas and Alyssa. "Take care of Christian for me." I called to Tori as I ran out the door.

On the way to the day care I realized that I had not planned dinner so a quick stop at the market was in order. Hurriedly picking up a pack of chicken and a few additional things for dinner I jogged to the closest checkout. As luck would have it, I got behind a woman that had more items in her cart than money to pay for them. I impatiently waited for her to decide what she could do without. Finally, it was my turn. As I paid for my few groceries, I began to think of how I had spent my day. It was not exactly how I had planned it. I left the store with a smile on my face. Finally, I was again on my way to the daycare.

After retrieving the other two kids and assuring Christian's teacher that he was fine, I again headed for home. After I had prepared dinner and put the kids to bed, I sat down and reflected on my day. Guess what happened to my to-do list? Absolutely nothing! Sure I could have shampooed the carpets and cleaned closets but what would that have accomplished compared to the way I had spent my day? I had spent the day making memories with my grandchild. Memories I know I will never forget and memories that I think Christian will always remember.

There on my couch alone in the dark and with the TV on in the background, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I realized that although I had big plans of my own for the day, He had His own plans for me. Without God's intervention I would have missed out on experiencing the greatest day of my life. After checking Christian's temperature and giving all my precious grandchildren goodnight kisses, I stood and watched each one of them. Do you know what I did next? I thanked God for each and every one of them. I had not cleaned carpets today but I had done something more important. I had spent the day with of God's angels.

True satisfaction in life comes from walking with God everday in all areas of our life--even in our day to day to-do lists.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

This is a very easy read but it is filled with a wonderful philosophy on perspective. It is a book that needs to be digested slowly in order to gain the full benefits of the wisdom contained in its pages.

Jones, not Mr. Jones, is a gentle old man that visits people in their darkest hours. He helps them sort out their problems by helping them gain a new perspective on the issue they are facing. He helps a couple sort through marital difficulties by explaining the different dialects of love. He helps the down-trodden and outcasts see why they are alone and depressed. He gives them tools to see their life in a new light and change this self-destructive patterns.

I enjoyed reading this book. I have read several of Andrews' books and have never been disappointed in them. This book is full of wonderful "bits of wisdom". One that has stuck with me is "whatever you focus on increases." I have often been guilty of focusing on the bad events in my life. Since reading this book I will focus on what is good in my life. I give this book five stars.

In closing, I would like to ask you a question from the book.
"How can you take the ideas presented by Jones and seek out people who may need a new perspective of their own?"

This book was reviewed through Tommy Nelson Publishing Review Program.

I hope you will read this book and see what a difference a little perspective can make.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

When I was given a chance to review Fearless by Max Lucado I was thrilled. I have enjoyed reading his books for years. The discussion guides he provides at the ends of his books always drive home the points he makes in his books and really make me think. Fearless is no exception.

Lucado lists several commom fears but the three that top my list are: Fear of disappointing God; Fear of not having enough; and Fear of failure to protect my children. Lucado emphasizes that Jesus can erase all these fears if we will turn them over to Him.

This book is a good book to share with family and friends that are also caught up in the traps fear can place in our path. I might buy more copies but I intend to keep mine as a "reference book" to help me with the fear that might have me its grasp at any given time. The sentence "Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear." really hit home with me. It seems that each morning, if I don't spend time in God's word, a new set of worries grip me. Lucado helped me to realize that fear shows a lack of confidence in God. Because of this book, I can now turn all my worries over to God and rest assured in His love.

I give this book 5 stars because it is a thought-provoking and comforting book to read and re-read.

I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson Publishers. You can preview this book by clicking on the book in my sidebar.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick Bed on the edge

Well, today I have sick little girl to care for. I had to pick her up early yesterday and take her to the doctor. This is the one kid that never gets sick. So when she is sick everyone suffers. She is taking to barking orders for something to drink very well. If I don't jump at her first command she says, "Nanny, the doctor said I had to drink more so bring me something to drink." Seriously, I don't like it when the kids are sick. I worry too much although I know that God is in control. I guess I'm too much of a mom.

Now, when my DH gets sick that is another story. When he has a cough or sneeze, the world is coming to an end. I know you ladies know what I am talking about. Actually, the kids are braver than a man when sickness strikes.

Oh, well, I guess that is why God made us with strong backs--to hold up our family when we need to. The male thinks he is the stronger sex. He doesn't know that the female is smart enough to just let him think that. How else would we get him to do our dirty jobs for us.

Enough for now. The patient is calling me. Here goes Dr. Mom, waitress Mom, maid Mom, and whatever else the job requires.

So long. Until later--This is life on the edge!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville

Respect is the music the
deaf can hear and
the blind can see.

Veteran journalist; sought after lecturer; and best-selling author, Deborah Norville calls the power of respect the most forgotten element of success. With scientific research, a common sense approach and real life anecdotes she makes a compelling case for the importance of respect in the major areas of life: Home, Relationships, School, and Business.

Many of the concepts presented in the book can be thought of as common sense; all to often these concepts are either forgotten or simply ignored. It is important to remember that all people are important and deserve respect, no matter who they are or the type of job they do for a living.

I enjoyed reading The Power of Respect because I was reminded of the many times I have failed to show respect to my own family and friends. I also gained some very good ideas on how to show my family how much respect I do have for them. I especially found the chapter on self-respect very enlightening. After all, if we cannot respect ourselves, how can we respect anyone else?

I must admit that some of the research was hard to read, I did find this book to be overall very informative.

I reviewed this book for the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers Program.

The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville
If you want to preview this book click on the book cover in my sidebar.

Halloween Scares Me

Well, Halloween is over for another year. What a relief! Halloween always scares me to death. I don't mean the goblins or witches and any other grotesque costume the kids can envision. I mean the effects of so much candy on the kids. I do try to monitor the amount of candy they consume at one time but in reality--that is impossible to do 100%. I know you all have the same problem. Hyperactive kids that refuse to sleep or cooperate in any way. Of course, this is day to day life on the edge Face it life is hard enough as it is but add to the equation tons of sweet confections and life really takes a turn for the worse at Halloween.

That's not really the worse part--you can tie the kids up and duct tape their mouths shut. Don't call CPS--I'm only kidding. The worse part is trying to walk across the floor and find yourself sticking to the floor by leftover sweet delights the kids have dropped. Walking across a sugar laden floor is a lot like watching yourself move in slow motion.

Well, it is time to start the major overhaul on the house and attempt to clean it before the dog decides he wants some candy too. Oops, almost forgot. Got to untie the kids so they can get their exercise for the day.

Until next time, this is life on the edge.

Say a prayer for me if you can. I need all the help I can get.