Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Birthday

Well, another major birthday party today. She has left the 4 year old "little kid" phase and is now in the "BIG" girl stage of being 5. What a major step that is. She let her wishes known in no uncertain terms. The problem here was explaining that some of thse wonderful inventions would have to wait until the next important holiday--Christmas. She did enjoy the cake and is still buzzing from the sugar high. As for me, I am dragging but what to me is an end of an exhausting day is the beginning of a new adventure for her. After all, she is not a baby anymore but is now considered one of the major league players in her game of life.

Oh well, this year will also pass and the next one will bring more adventures and life changing events.

Sorry, the post is so short tonight but as I said, this is the end of an exhausting day. So until tomorrow that is life on the edge tonight.

Have a good night and enjoy your kids while they are young. Too soon they will be a member of that alien group called teenagers.