Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

When I was given a chance to review Fearless by Max Lucado I was thrilled. I have enjoyed reading his books for years. The discussion guides he provides at the ends of his books always drive home the points he makes in his books and really make me think. Fearless is no exception.

Lucado lists several commom fears but the three that top my list are: Fear of disappointing God; Fear of not having enough; and Fear of failure to protect my children. Lucado emphasizes that Jesus can erase all these fears if we will turn them over to Him.

This book is a good book to share with family and friends that are also caught up in the traps fear can place in our path. I might buy more copies but I intend to keep mine as a "reference book" to help me with the fear that might have me its grasp at any given time. The sentence "Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear." really hit home with me. It seems that each morning, if I don't spend time in God's word, a new set of worries grip me. Lucado helped me to realize that fear shows a lack of confidence in God. Because of this book, I can now turn all my worries over to God and rest assured in His love.

I give this book 5 stars because it is a thought-provoking and comforting book to read and re-read.

I reviewed this book for Thomas Nelson Publishers. You can preview this book by clicking on the book in my sidebar.