Saturday, November 21, 2009

Like Sands Through the Hour Glass

Well, chaos agains reigns "on the edge." It has been a couple of days that would send a stong man run screaming. But since I am not a strong man--or even a man, I stayed the course.

To really start things rolling downhill, the kids' bus was 15 minutes late. This doesn't sound like a major problem but with a kid to dress and feed and send to preschool, this set my already tight schedule back. This meant playing catchup the rest of the morning. Oh well, I'm used to rushing to get things done. But, when I picked up the preschooler, I needed to take her and the other darlins' to get their swine flu vaccines. I arrived at the location on time and was in line for the nurses to administer the vaccines. However, since it was given at school and time was running out for the older kids to catch their buses, we were instructed to let them go first. OK, no problem, another 45 minutes and we were almost to our destination again, when we were instructed to move to the back of the line to let an even larger group of students go first. Yeah, bus problems again. After another 45 minutes of standing in line, attempting to keep 3 kids corraled and cooperative, we were told that the elementary students weren't supposed to be there for another 2 hours. After much grumbling from other parents (not me, I am so easy to get along with. Yeah right) we were finally allowed to go through the staff line. All in all our total waitning time was about 2 hours. Did I ever tell you that patience is not my strong point. by this time my entire body ached and I'm afraid that I was not as nice to kids as I normally am. Oh no, I think the vaccine has infected my brain. Did I just say that I am always nice to my kids? You other mothers know what I mean, don't you?

OK so that is one day in a week of torture. The next day I attended the annual Thanksgiving at preschool. Well, when I arrive, my darlin' informed me she did not feel so well. Guess what, she has the same "bug" she had earlier this month. I took her home and she went to sleep and slept all day. Thank God, her fever did not get as high as it did before but I called her doctor for a prescription for her.
She slept fine all night but I didn't. I was always waking up to check on her.

Now, I have to take the boys to church for their Upward Basketball evaluations. I am glad they want to participate in this but it means I will be "On the road again." I just hope the road does not lead me over the edge. Life on the edge is enough for me.

Well, time is awastin' and I have things to do. So I guess I had better go and get to doin'. I hope you are encouraged by my life--if only to say to yourself "glad that's not my life."

Until next time, this is life on the edge.