Monday, November 16, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I thought we all needed to count our blessings. If you are like me, sometimes our pain seems to crowd out the blessings. But If I look really close, the blessings are there and in abundance. I wrote this poem years ago when I was having a problem seeing the blessings. God came through for me again and showed me that He is always with me--in the trials and in the blessings.

My life is filled with trials
And tests on every hand.
But I take them all to Jesus
Because I know He'll understand.

I stop each day and ponder
The gifts He gives to me--
The blessings far outnumber
Whatever the trials may be.

My cup runneth over
And my many blessings I can't count.
But I know that God is with me
Of that I have no doubt.

His arms are always around me
Each and every day.
And when I'm faced with trials
I know He hears me when I pray.

So always look to Jesus in
Whatever you're going through.
For dear friend He's there waiting
With such great love for you.

I hope you enjoy and remember that we are blessed whether we recognize the blessing He sends or not.

Stay encouraged and blessed.
Until next time, this is life on the edge.