Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews

This is a very easy read but it is filled with a wonderful philosophy on perspective. It is a book that needs to be digested slowly in order to gain the full benefits of the wisdom contained in its pages.

Jones, not Mr. Jones, is a gentle old man that visits people in their darkest hours. He helps them sort out their problems by helping them gain a new perspective on the issue they are facing. He helps a couple sort through marital difficulties by explaining the different dialects of love. He helps the down-trodden and outcasts see why they are alone and depressed. He gives them tools to see their life in a new light and change this self-destructive patterns.

I enjoyed reading this book. I have read several of Andrews' books and have never been disappointed in them. This book is full of wonderful "bits of wisdom". One that has stuck with me is "whatever you focus on increases." I have often been guilty of focusing on the bad events in my life. Since reading this book I will focus on what is good in my life. I give this book five stars.

In closing, I would like to ask you a question from the book.
"How can you take the ideas presented by Jones and seek out people who may need a new perspective of their own?"

This book was reviewed through Tommy Nelson Publishing Review Program.

I hope you will read this book and see what a difference a little perspective can make.