Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Day on the Edge

Well, it's Monday again here on the edge. After getting the kids to their respective schools, I attended my exercise group. Quit laughing, I am still able to touch my toes, barely. I went to kindergarten for computer lab-hey, I volunteer there. I already know the basics of computer use. I then paid the bills, and attended the kindergarten "tea" and book fair. By then, my teenager called and needed something she had forgotten to take with her this morning, so I had to take that to school for her. After all this is taken care of I really need to go home and clean house. That done, I planned supper for the "crew" and found I needed to go to the grocery store. Arriving home once again, I remembered that 2 of the darlins' had basketball games,sooooooooooooo after rounding up uniforms and washing them, I sat down for a minute. The next thing I knew the teenager was home and shaking me awake. Was this day a dream (nightmare). No, I saw the pile of receipts and exercise clothes thrown in the corner of my bedroom. Oh well, at least I have made it through another day of life here on "the edge."

I hope your Monday went smoother than mine. But even if it didn't--I hope you remembered to stop and thank God for your blessings He gave you today.

Until next time, this is "life on the edge."