Sunday, February 21, 2010

Awesome Book!

I had the opportunity to read "Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God" by Sheila Walsh. I read this book through Booksneeze (Thomas Nelson). In her latest book, Ms Walsh shares her personal battles with clinical depression. She relates this part of her life in order to show how trust in God will bring us through whatever circumstances we might find ourself in.

The manner she relates the stories of several "heroes of the faith" was fascinating. Through stories I have heard since childhood, I learned that there were times in their lives when they found it difficult to put their complete trust in God. This was very comforting to me since I sometimes find it difficult to trust God.

I read the book and now intend to re-read it and complete the bible study enclosed in order to further enhance my understanding of this issue. I highly recommend this book to other women who find their circumstnaces make it difficult to trust God's word.

If God's best friend, Abraham, found it difficult to trust God and God was always with him, I know that God will be with me when my faith wavers.