Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As the Baseball Flies So Go the Nights of My Life

Home at last! When I left here this afternoon at 4:00 I had no idea if I would see my home again. You guessed it, t-ball, softball, and baseball once again dominated my life. While some women have glamorous evenings out on the town or (sigh) a nice quiet night at home, I am sitting on cold bleachers watching future all stars strike at high balls, low balls, or any ball that falls in between. But the truth is I love watching my kids play. Of course, there is the usual sibling rivalry from the one that is not practicing at the time but I have learned to deal with that by tuning out the crying and fighting until I see blood or see a bone poking through the skin.

Of course foul balls are always a hazard of the game. The other night I was watching practice and actually felt the breeze of a wayward ball zoom by my head. Would I lie to you? I heard the fateful words, "Heads Up" and froze in place. Fortunately, I did not look up or I would have the imprint of a baseball right between the eyes. Oh well, I guess that adds to the excitement of the game.

This weekend is going to be a non-stop marathon of games. One boy has a game Friday night, and all day Saturday. The other boy has games in between the games of the first boy. Confused yet? I am. But hey, what can you say about an old woman hauling the kids to their games. Was boy 1 supposed to be at Field 2 at 1:00 or was boy 2 supposed to be at Field 1 at 2:00?

Wow! I am getting more confused by the minute so I had better try to sleep before my befuddled brain starts smoking and completely blows up on me. \

So until next time, if I can keep dodging the foul balls, this is my life. As a TV family always says: "It's a crazy life. But it's my life."

Until next time may God keep you in His loving arms and protect you from all the "stray balls" life throws at you. God bless and good night.