Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hunter's Moon by Don Hoesel

Some secrets are not made to last forever. This is what CJ Baxter found out when he was summoned back to Adelia after the death of his grandfather. Seventeen years before he had left his hometown vowing never to return. He had moved to Tennessee and had become a famous writer. But with his marriage falling apart and numerous legal issues facing him he hound his life becoming more complicated than the characters he wrote about.

His brother was about to be elected senator and a black sheep brother returning to town was not exactly what a up and coming politician needed. The long-buried secrets would definitely put an end to this career, as well as the lifestyle that had become very comfortable to the Baxter family.

This book was a surprise to me because I usually do not like political novels. However, I found this book to be much more. It covered issues of family dynamics and dysfunctions.

I will recommend this book to my family and friends because it can appeal to a wide range audience.

I reviewed this book for Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.