Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello All

Well, it's me again. Life on the edge justs goes on. I guess that is good news though. I am still running around not knowing where I am going or where I've been, but that's normal for me. Life is about to get even more interesting (interpret "interesting" to mean "chaotic" or "hectic"). School is just about out. That's right, my darlins' will be home alllllllll day, EVERY day. Yeah, that's right. I won't even have the luxury of school any more. Oh well, life must go on. Oh Iforgot--baseball, t-ball, and softball will still be going on. So not only will I have to listen to my own kids, thirty million more kids will be yelling and screaming. Gee life is good. Just kidding. I will honestly try to enjoy summer break.

I thought about going back to work a few weeks ago. But that thought just lasted a second or two then I was jolted back to reality when I realized no one in their right mind would do all the crazy things I do in a day. To be honest, I only thought about working again because an 8 hour a day job seemed to be more relaxing that what I do now. I could not find anyone that was willing to stay with the kids anyway. I guess I will continue doing what I've been doing and trust God to get me through.

Oops! The dirty laundry is crawling out of the laundry room and pushing the dirty dishes out. The kids are fighting. Good, no sign of blood yet. The phone is ringing and the dogs are barking. Guess that's my signal to get to work.

Keep praying and thanking God your life is calm compared to mine. Until I get a few more seconds to myself this is it for today. Stay encouraged and thanking God for your many blessings. Until later, friends. This is life on the edge.