Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy Summer Days vs Crazy Summer Days

A lazy summer day is lying in a hammock
drinking ice tea and reading a book.

A crazy summer day is trying to get five kids
to stop jumping on the furniture.

A lazy summer day is like a day in heaven
where even the dog will not be demanding

A crazy summer day is trying to feed the dog
while a cyclone of kids are running through the kitchen.

A lazy summer day is a day at the beach
with the warm sun and gentle breeze kissing your skin.

A crazy summer day is fighting the water the
kids are throwing out of the bath tub at an imaginery spider.

Although I dream of lazy summer days I have to face it my reality is more like the crazy summer days. But what good would a lazy summer day be without the kids to add spice to the days of our life.

I will have ample time for the lazy summer days when the kids are grown. Although by then I will be too old to climb into the hammock. Ah well, life is life after all.

Which would you choose? A lazy summer day alone or a crazy summer day with the boundless energy of kids around.

Maybe for just one day hmmm.....................................