Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer, Hot Dogs, and Baseball

Well friends, it has been a busy summer. With four kids in t-ball, baseball, and softball I have been running and running. Some nights I do believe I have met myself sometimes "running in all directions". There have been nights that I have had to be in three places at once. Don't ask me how but I have managed to get everyone where they needed to be at the time they were supposed to be there (o.k. sometimes one of the darlins' has been a few minutes late). Last weekend was the annual little league picnic. That meant three games at once plus (I don't know what I was thinking) I volunteered to help at a game. I must have been in the sun too long. You know a little heat stroke or brain dysfunction. Whatever, I did make it through all eight hours of being out in the sun amid all the screaming and running--I don't know what the kids did. Just kidding. I did push a little kid out of the small amount of shade under a tree. Hey, she was young and could handle the heat better than me. Besides the stroller stopped before it hit the water. People have got to learn--don't get between an old woman and a shade tree when the temperature is 95.

OK, time to feed my brood. I had three extra mouths to feed last night and just one to feed tonight so maybe my luck is changing.

Until next time friends, this is life on the edge.