Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun

I have really enjoyed watching my future all star ball players make home runs one time at bat and strike out the next time. But I have 2 more games and the summer season of baseball, t-ball and softball will be over for another month. My 3 youngest will be starting "fall" ball in August but I will get a week or 2 before the excitement starts again. But wait--after fall ball comes flag football and cheerleading. I have a very athletic bunch of kids. But the kids have a very worn out nanny. Still I enjoy watching them have fun and learn teamwork and socialization that these sports can provide. I do have to admit that it is wearing me out but if God did not think I was up to the task He would not have trusted me with it.

I know He has a sense of humor because I can hear Him laughing but He is not laughing at me-He is laughing with me as I watch the outrageous activities of these precious young ones. I see Him smiling down at me and reassuring me that He knows what He is doing and this is the plan He has for me. When I feel weary and worn out from the day to day chores I must do to make their lives memorable and their childhoods happy, I hear Him say, "My child, I am always with you. Just lean on me and I will give you rest."

That is the reason, friends, that I keep putting one foot in front of the other and plug along each day. Without Him by my side, I know I would fail but just knowing He is here energizes me daily.

I do ask for your prayers though. I have to have some tests done next week on my heart and lungs. I am a little concerned but I know He is in control and will take care of me and my darlins'.

Until tomorrow, this is how it is with life on the edge. May God bless and continue to bless you every day.