Saturday, August 28, 2010

Times Flies When You Are Having Fun

Well, school has started again and life is returning to "normal".  By this I mean I spend all day cleaning and five minutes after the kids get home, you can't tell I have done anything.  When they ask me, "nanny, what have you done all day?" it is not a smart aleck question but because they have destroyed my whole day's work, they actually want to know.  I think I will take pictures and post them on the wall so when they ask me that question--I can point to the picture and they will have their answer. 

Frequently, I will become so busy with my work that I do lose track of time and before you know it that same yellow bus that takes them away will bring them home again.  This seems to be happening earlier and earlier in the day lately, I have looked at my watch and think that it is running 2-3 hours too fast until I stop and see the show that is on tv.  and realize that the day is almost over.  You know what the old saying is "time flies when you're having fun."  I guess that is true because while I am cleaning up after the little darlins' I find myself remembering the good times and fun we have had.  Remembering the good times does make the mundane chores go by faster.  The next time you find yourself scrubbing up a sticky floor or washing a dirty load of laundry say a little prayer of thanks that the kids who made the mess are in your life.