Sunday, September 19, 2010

When Life is Hard

Some days it seems as though there is nothing I can do that is right.  The kids are grouchy when they get up for school and things go down hill from there.  I know you have all had days like this.   Usually mornings like this come on the heels of nights that seem so long and sleep evades me.   I have a clock that reflects the time on the ceiling.  Some nights I find myself gazing at this clock and thinking it has stopped because time seems to drag by.  A wonderful clock for an insomniac for sure.  Lately, I have been going through a time when depression is my constant companion.  I don't mean to bring you all down and discouraged when my purpose is to be an encouragement.  I'm sure God is teaching me something about myself but I just haven't learned the lesson yet.

I just need your prayers and understanding as I go through this tough time.  Remember, Moses was once a basket case.