Monday, October 4, 2010

A Day In the Life

The morning started out as chaotic as any other morning at my house. After three attempts to wake Tori for school, she finally stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. I then went to find clothes for the other kids. Glancing at my watch I found I had a few minutes to spare. I decided to check my email. I discovered an email from an old friend and decided to answer it right away. Before I knew it, Tori’s bus was coming up the road. I ran to her room to tell her good-bye before she left. Imagine my dismay when I found her in front of her mirror and her bus already gone.

By this time the other kids were up and already fighting. I managed to stop the fighting long enough to herd them all to the car to take Tori to school. Another fight then erupted over who was going to sit in what seat. I assigned the seats and got everyone buckled in and ready to go. By this time I was so stressed and frazzled I must admit I lost my temper and began yelling at the kids. After this totally messy scene I apologized but the damage was already done. Everyone was in a bad mood and the ride to school was punctuated with crying and sighs.

After I dropped Tori off I knew I had to rush to get the others dressed and on their bus. Finally with showers done and the kids dressed, I began to relax a little until the cries of “I’m hungry” began. There was no time for a “real” breakfast but I did have some toaster pastries in the cupboard. I ran and grabbed these and gave one to each of the kids. Now it was time for their bus so we hurriedly ran out the door just in time to see the bus coming up the road. Frantically, I got the kids on the bus and went into the house totally exhausted already. When I collapsed in my chair and leaned my head back to relax for jus t a minute my dog jumped into my lap. I had forgotten to feed him in all the chaos of the morning. After feeding him and sitting back down , I heard the still small voice begin to speak to me.

“My child, why are you so angry with Tori this morning? You were the one who was distracted and lost track of your time. If you had used those spare minutes to visit with me instead of answering that email, your mind would have been more rested and centered on the right things. I’ve seen you so many mornings rushing to do all that needs to be done for the kids. I wait for you to ask me for help but you are too busy trying to do it all in your own strength. Don’t you know by now that I am here for you? Just ask me and I will bring peace to your heart.”

I realized that I had been trying to do everything on my own. “Please Lord forgive me. Sometimes I get so caught up in my life I so often forget you are there for me.”

I would like to tell you that was the last hectic morning of getting the kids to school on time. I would also love to tell you that from that moment on I became the picture of the totally “cool, calm and collected” woman. I would love to tell that the first thing each morning I sat down and asked God to take over my day and give me the grace and patience I need with the kids. I would love to tell you that—but I can’t. Mornings at my house are still rushed and chaotic. But on the mornings that I do spend with God in prayer I find I am able to handle the chaos with a calmer heart and a peaceful mind.

Today’s Whisper:

How many days start out hectic? If you spend the first few minutes with your Heavenly Father do you think the day would start out calmer? Write out a prayer to God to help you remember to start your day right. Trust me—the highly frazzled female that prayer does make a difference in our day.

Today’s Prayer:

Father, help me to remember that you are in control of my life. I do not need to spin my wheels trying to do everything in my own power. You are there to help me. You are always waiting for me to ask for your help. You are always ready to guide my steps. I just need to ask. I love you.