Saturday, October 30, 2010

Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson

Anne Jackson posed this question on her blog:  What is the one thing yu feel you cannot say in church?" brought in an avalanche of responses that birthed this book.  In 194 pages, Ms Jackson uses art, anecdotes, and poetry to inspire the reader to tell their story.

I loved the layout and texture of this book.  It reminded me of an art book but was inviting and inspiring to me.  The beautiful artwork and poetry whet my appetite to digest the meat in the book.

Ms. Jackson writes in an open and honest manner and invites the reader to enter her life and learn from her past.

One truth that resonated with me (because it is a major issue I am faced with frequently) was found on page 4:  fear wants to stop our stories."  I realized I can't let fear stop me from telling my story if it helps one person to gain freedom from whatever bondage they find themself in.

Reading this book reinforced the fact that it is not only important to tell our stories--it is critical that we do,

I recommend this book to anyone who feels that church is too closed to the daily messes of life.  The church should be a safe haven where open and honest communication should be able to take place.  After all didn't Jesus communicate to the sinners and outcasts of society?