Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When It"s Time to Push the Pause Button

Often I find myself racing through life trying to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest amount of time. I frantically rush from job to job so I can mark them off my ever-growing “to do list.” The sad thing is for every task I mark off I always add two more to the list.

My family life suffers because of the “hurry-scurry syndrome”. My house never gets completely cleaned, laundry never gets caught up and we’ve eaten take-out so often the workers at McDonald’s know us by name and have our food ready when they see my minivan turn into the parking lot.

With two kids in elementary school, one in half day preschool, and one in high school, I can see no chance of slowing down in the near future. I am a volunteer in the kindergarten class, have two kids in t-ball and one in flag football, and one on the high school softball team. There are numerous practices and games I chauffeur kids to and from. This does not include the many social activities of the teenager. Add to this mix a husband who was injured on the job and has to go to his doctor three hours from home. Although he only has to go once or twice a month, this does add stress to the already hectic life of our family.

Recently, I was reading my morning devotional when I read Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” I became aware that God was using this devotional reading to tell me to slow down and “smell the roses”. I paused at that point and looked out my window. It was then that I saw the most beautiful awe-inspiring sunrise I had ever seen. I knew than that god was speaking to me.

Since that time I have made a conscious effort to really notice God’s presence and slow down to see that He is still God. I now see the beauty in God’s world. Although I still have as many responsibilities as have always had I now take time to breathe the awesome gifts God presents to me every day.