Sunday, October 3, 2010

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

I have a small Pug , Pugsley. I love him and he is a good dog with the kids. But I have to say he does have a stubborn streak and when he wants to do something he will do it regardless of the consequences.

One problem I’ve had with him is he frequently runs outside anytime the door is open. Now this doesn’t sound like a big problem but it is a dangerous situation for Pugsley, as well as me and the kids. You see we live on busy road with a lot of curves and hills. Cars are constantly speeding by our house. Can you see where I am heading with this line of thought? You’re right. As soon as Pugsley gets out he immediately heads for the road. Several times cars have actually had to stop in order to avoid hitting him. This frightens me because I am afraid the kids will run out into the street to get him and be hit by a speeding car. Now Pugsley is a good dog but when he is on one of his “adventures” he totally ignores me when I call his name. He wants to play and will stop long enough for me to get within arms’ length and then start running wanting me to chase him.

One morning he escaped when the kids went out to catch the school bus. This was a cold morning and I still had my robe on so running was a bit difficult. I tried for about twenty minutes to catch him—I might add—I looked a bit like a crazy woman to the neighbors . I was running around the neighbors’ yards and sneaking from behind trees and buildings. Finally I gave up and decided to go in out of the cold. When I went inside my house I quietly prayed, “God, please take care of that silly dog.” Immediately, I felt a tugging in my heart and knew God was telling me something. I sat down and replied, “What are you trying to tell me, God?” I then heard Him whisper to me. “My child I love you but sometimes you are like Pugsley. Sometimes you ignore my voice and find yourself in dangerous situations. You could avoid so much pain if you would listen when I call out to you. Just as you love Pugsley and want to protect him I am always there to protect you if you would just listen to me and call out to me.”

With tears in my eyes I realized god was right. Sometimes I give in to the temptations to ignore my heavenly Father and “do my own thing.” It is during these times of “childish rebellion” that I suffer more pain and heartache than I need to. I know He is always watching over me and protecting me even when I selfishly ignore His voice.

In case you are wondering If Pugsley ever came back home. About five minutes later I heard him scratching at the door wanting to come in. I would like to say Pugsley never escaped again. But I can’t. I would also like to say I never took things in my own hands again and ignored God again. But I can’t say that either. I sometimes still try to “do my own thing” and ignore God calling to me. However, I know God will never leave me and will always watch over me. He loves me enough to let me go my own way but He loves me too much to let me stay away from His sheltering arms. Just like Pugsley will always come home I will always return to my loving Father’s arms.

Today’s Whisper:

Have you ever tried to run and hide from God? What happened? Did you prosper or find more heartache? Take a few minutes to write about your experience.

Today’s Prayer:

Father, I am so thankful you love me enough to let me experience “life on my own.” But I thank you that you never leave me on my own. You have promised never to leave me or forsake me. I love you and am so thankful for your love and mercy.