Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From Lemons to Lemonade

Sometimes life just does not seem fair does it?  I had some issues recently that really brought this home to me.  I was not feeling well and had no energy to do any of my normal day to day chores--clean house, laundry, etc.  I do not know what was wrong but for a couple of weeks all I could do each day was get the kids up and ready in time for their bus to come by.  After a few days, I got tired of being tired and decided I would just plug along and do what I could.  Well, by early afternoon I was totally exhausted so I would always lie down before the kids came home from school.  I knew I had a list of books to read and review plus stories I wanted to write.  Well, I decided that during my "off hours" I would work on a little bit of this backlog each day.  So by the time my bad two weeks had passed I had waded though over half of the books and have written about half of the stories I have had on file to write.

I can now say that although life had given me lemons for a while--I was successful in making lemonade and let me tell you, it did taste sweet to be able to say I did accomplish something during this bad time.

Oh by the way, the house has been cleaned although when the kids are home--I still don't do as much cleaning as I get done when they are not home.

So for now so long from life on the edge.