Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dear God

This actually happened. Usually I would go ballistic when something like this happens. I think God was guiding me and guarding the children that day. lol.

Dear God,

Do you have a minute or two?

I've had a really bad day

And need to talk to you.

After searching in five different stores

For a left handed t-ball glove

(What a grandparent won't do for love?)

I brought it home so the kids could play.

But I should have known from the start of my day

An accident was bound to happen

When two of the kids grabbed a bat and ran to play.

With the sound of breaking glass and a cry of surprise

I ran to the kitchen and couldn't believe my eyes--

My oven door was in a million pieces,

My face, I could feel, began to make creases.

I asked who had done such a dreadful thing.

Words of accusation the kids then began to fling.

"I didn't do it," the kids all cried and

I knew it would be a problem to hear the true side.

Then fingers began to point to each other in turn,

It became ever more difficult for me the truth to learn.

I calmly and quietly asked again

"Who swung the bat and caved the oven door in?"

From eyes tears then began to fall and

I finally began to learn it all.

"I didn't do it" had done such a deed.

But guilt on three faces gave me what I did need.

So with broom and dustpan I cleaned the mess

Then went to my room for a much needed rest.

Well, I guess this "small" inconvenience was worth it because the little "red head" plays t-ball now on a team. He is really enjoying the game and learning so much about teamwork and skills necessary to help him grow up and know what teamwork is all about.