Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hospital Hopping

Well friends, I have had a busy weekend.  My daughter and daughter in law were involved in a car accident on Tuesday .  Neither one of them thought they were injured except for being shaken up and sore.

Friday my daughter went to the ER to have her shoulder checked out.  She found out her shoulder was ok but she did have a brain bleed.  So she spent the night in the hospital.  After bringing her home Saturday afternoon, my daughter in law called wanting me to take her to the ER she had been sick all day.  She could not hold anything on her stomach and had a horrendous headache.  When I got her to the ER she passed out right in the waiting area.  She has a concussion plus she is diabetic and her blood sugar was much too high plus high blood pressure.  She is still in the hospital.

Now this is bad enough but this morning while I was visiting her I get a call from my mother.  She was having chest pains at church so she was coming to the hospital in an ambulance.  So I have spent all weekend in two hospitals.

Ok I can hear what you are thinking.  This is not a good idea for a fiction story.  Well, this is not fiction.  It actually happened.  Truth is stranger than fiction.  I have one last request from all my cyber friends.  Keep me in your prayers and send good thoughts my way.

I am exhausted so I am going to try to get some rest before I go hospital hopping again.

Good night all.  Now you should know why my blog is named life on the edge.  I feel as though I am sliding closer to the edge of sanity more and more every day.