Saturday, August 4, 2012

And Then I Had Kids


I began thinking about life without my (grand)kids the other day and realized that although my life has changed since they came to live with me I am glad they did. They keep my life from becoming boring.

My hair was always fixed
not a strand at a place.
I even had time to put
makeup on my face –
then I had kids.
I could clean my house
in about an hour
and still have time
for a long hot shower –
then I had kids.
I could spend all day shopping
without a single worry.
take time to browse around
and never had to hurry –
then I had kids.
Since the kids came along
my life would never be the same
some days I can even
remember my name –
but I love those kids.
Now my house is a mess
with toys and clutter.
Can't you clean up this mess??
I often hear dear hubby mutter-
but I love those kids.
Now my hair stand on end and
there's no time for showers
the kids fighting scream
sometimes for hours –
but I love those kids.
Come to think of it
my life has really changed
but you know I wouldn't trade it
for anything because
I love those kids