Saturday, December 1, 2012


“The world’s standard of beauty is based on our outward appearances.  This differs from God’s idea of true beauty.  In His eyes “I am beautiful,” “I am chosen”, and “I am created in His image.”

Recently I received a beautiful Crowned by the King necklace from CWA Review Team.  I was to wear this necklace and give it a special person and explain that in God’s eyes we are all beautiful because He chose us and we are crowned with His beauty.

Although I had plenty of opportunities to share the ministry, I gave the necklace to a very special person.  I gave it my 18 year old granddaughter.  I have had the privilege and honor of bringing her up for 18 years and consider her to be a blessing from God.  I have attempted to instill in her and her three siblings the meaning of being a child of the King.,

You might be wondering why I gave her the necklace and not someone else I ministered to through its message.  I gave it to her because she is preparing to leave for college and at this vulnerable age I want her to remember who she is and most importantly—whose she is.

I do plan to continue this ministry throughout the coming months and maybe you will receive one of these beautiful necklaces from me.  Just remember ladies, WE HAVE BEEN CROWNED BY THE KING HIMSELF AND HE THINKS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.