Sunday, December 23, 2012

If Jesus Came To Visit

This is another poem I found while I was going through my old poems I had written.  I think this is a good question to ask ourselves this time of year.  With all the hustle bustle of preparing for Christmas do we remember who we are celebrating?  What would you do if Jesus visited your home?  Think about it.

If Jesus came to visit

Would you make Him feel at home?

Would you gladly let Him see

Everything that you might own?

Or is there something

That you’d rather He not see

So you rush around and hide it

Under lock and key?

Would you bring out your Bible and

Wipe away the dust?

Would you treat Him as an intruder

Or someone you could trust?

Would you invite Him in to dinner

Or rush Him on His way?

What kind of host would you be

If Jesus came today?