Friday, January 25, 2013

Bequests For Our Children




There are only two lasting bequests we hop to give our children.  One of these is roots, the other, wings

Thought to be by Hodding Carter

My Thoughts:

We want to bring our children up to be contributing members of society and adults we can be proud of.  Parenting is a hard job today—the hardest but most worthwhile job we can ever have. 

In order to give out children roots, we must let them know they are loved and we are always there for them.  The most important lesson we can teach them is that with Christ as our foundation, we can not be destroyed by the world’s offerings.  No one will tell you your child will not make mistakes.  However, if we are there to pick them up when they fall, they will know we are available for them in despair and trials.  Most importantly, God will be there for them.

In order to give them wings, we must let them learn from their mistakes and not “bail” them out of their consequences.  In order to fly, our children must test their wings to see if they will carry them.   Don’t clip their wings by making everything easy for them.  Let them learn to use their wings to reach their potential.  This will be the only way they can learn to fly and soar in the world today.  I;’m not saying push them out of the nest too early.  Always let them know they will have a home to come to but let them know they must live and learn to be on their own.

Think about it.