Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ease Heartaches

To ease one’s heartache is to forget one’s own.

Thought to be by  Abraham Lincoln

My thoughts:

When we look at our problems, they can seem insurmountable.  There is a story about a man that was praying to God to ease his burdens.  God took the man into a room filled with crosses of varying sizes.  He gave the man a choice of the cross he wanted to bear.  The man saw crosses that could barely fit into room.  He then looked over to a small cross that stood alone in the corner.  :Father, I want that cross in the corner.”  “My child,” the Father lovingly said, “that is the one you brought in here.”

Sometimes when we feel our road is too rocky and hard to walk, remember that man with no feet.  When we do not have the money we want remember the family that has no money to buy food.

Our troubles can seem so small when we stop to count our blessings.

Think about it.