Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Influence

My life shall touch a dozen lives

Before this day is done;

Leave countless marks for good or ill,

Ere sets the evening sun;

So this the wish I always wish,

The prayer I ever pray;

“Lord, may my life help other lives

It touches by the way.”


My Thoughts:

We all touch lives as we travel on this earth.  Sometimes the touch will be encouraging and positive but other times we might actually harm someone with our behavior or words.  I want to make a positive influence on all my friends that read my posts.  Sometimes I might not have the right words to say but I always have love in my heart for my many friends in life and cyberspace.  I try to only write words that will lift you up and not bring you down.  If I can touch one life through these posts and make a positive difference, I will consider my ministry a success.  I welcome all comments-favorable and not so favorable.  Please feel free to let me know if my words bring you up or let you down.

I’m like each and every one of you—an imperfect person loving a perfect God who loves me unconditionally.  If I thought I have all the answers I could not worship God in the right spirit.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes I try to tell God how to fix my problems.  But He always bring me back to reality.  Sometimes I willingly lay my burdens at His feet but other times He lets me try to fix myself and waits patiently for me to ask for His help.

I said all this to tell you I just want to encourage you in your walk.  May you also encourage others.