Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wrong vs. Right

Nothing which is morally wrong can ever be politically right.

William E. Gladstone British leader (1809-1898)

We can see a controversy between these two sides very clearly today.

With the issue of abortion, especially, we see the government mandate for “:women’s health”.  While an abortion might ease the “problem” of an unwanted pregnancy what about the repercussions of the after abortion syndrome.  The guilt, the depression and the self-hatred many women experience after the abortion.

My Bible says that God is the “giver and sustainer of life”.  He does not say the government has the right to give life or end it before it  enters the world. 

We have a mind of our own.  Let’s use our God-given gifts to choose to stand for the right even when we stand alone.  I once heard this wise statement—If you stand for everything, you will fall for anything.

Let’s stand for the morally right even if it is not politically right.

Think about it.