Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Prayer For Today

If my words today can help just one person I will consider my day a success.  I pray this prayer today for all of you.  Take what you need from these words.

Dear Father,

I come to you today to ask blessings on my friends and family.  May their eyes be opened to the beauty you have given us.  May their ears be opened to hear you in the wind that rushes by, in the birds singing in the trees, and in the sun that shines upon them as they go about their day.  As I sit here, I hear raindrops falling outside and know that the rain is sent by you to nourish and refresh us. 

I ask that if anyone reading this has a need, they will come to the throne and let their needs be known to you.  I ask that what I write touch someone today.  If my words can encourage and help just one person, I will know that the words are not in vain.

Father, I ask that if someone is hurting for whatever reason, I will have open eyes to see their need, open heart to offer a word of help, and open hands to give them a lift up from their discouragement and hurt.  I don’t know what is on their hearts but you do.  I thank you Lord and will ever praise your name.

I pray this is Jesus’ name.