Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Awakening

I came to church today

Because it was expected of me.

I had rather just stay at home

And watch a little TV.

But someone called my name

Just as the sun began to rise.

I knew that it was Jesus

Even before I opened my eyes.

So I stumbled out of my bed

And dressed by habit’s force.

As the first song began to play

I walked in the church’s door.

As I sat there in my seat

As I have done for years,

The preacher’s voice went on and on

But his words did not reach my ears.

But then something happened

That was so strange it seems,

The lights began to fade away

Just like in a dream.

And then I heard a voice call out

It sounded like my name.

I looked around the crowded room

But it did not look the same.

The peoples’ faces were all aglow

With a warm and radiant light.

And then I knew what had happened-

Jesus was here tonight.

He came to where I sat

And put His hand in mine,

He gave me such a loving smile

And said, “My child, its time.”

All at once the light was gone

And the church looked as before.

But now I knew what I had to do

And why I had walked through that door.

I went up to the  preacher

With tears running down my face.

I told him that I was ready

To let Jesus have His place.

Oh, what a wonderful feeling

Came into my heart that day.

I knew that Jesus entered in

When I knelt down to pray.