Monday, May 6, 2013

A Praying Mother

I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life.

Abraham Lincoln

The young teen was out partying with her friends.  She had had too much too drink and was alone in a car with the school’s “bad boy”.   They started kissing and he began fumbling with her jeans in an attempt to take them off.  She  weakly tried to fight him off but was so intoxicated she couldn’t.  Just as he got her jeans down and started to rape, a bright light filled the car.  He expected to see a cop standing there but when he looked up he saw a huge man dressed in white.  The man had a sword at his side and glowed with a blinding white light.  The boy became frightened and drove the girl home.  When he arrived at the girl’s house he hurriedly pulled her out of his car and drove away.  Her mother heard the car and went to the door.  She saw her daughter lying on the lawn and ran to her.  She then helped her daughter to bed and tucked her in.

The next morning the mother called the girl downstairs for a talk regarding the previous night.  The girl began to cry and tell her about what had happened.  Suddenly she stopped.  “Mom, I remember seeing a bright light and a huge man dressed in white in front of the car.”  The mom sat there with tears in her eyes.  “Darling,” she said.  “I was praying for you.”

As mothers we do a lot for our children.  We make sure they eat to nourish their bodies and we make sure they have clothes to wear.  We send them to school or homeschool them to make sure they receive a good education.  But are we neglecting to give them the most important  protection we can?  Are we praying for them as they go out into the world each day.  This is the most important thing we can do for them—bathe them in prayer daily.  Ask for God’s protection over our most precious resource.  Prayer should be the first thing we do each morning and the last thing we do each night.  It’s not too late to start praying for our children.  A few minutes spent in prayer can make a difference in a child’s life.  The most powerful prayers that reach God’s ears are from mothers pleading on behalf of their children.  A mother’s prayer is powerful because when a mother prays—God listens.