Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mired Up In Life

With all the rains we have had in recent weeks, water covered all the streets in my neighborhood. Our yard looked like a lake or, according to the kids, a giant swimming pool. Naturally, they wanted to go outside and play in the water and mud and were not too happy when I wouldn’t let them. So with three angry kids I went back to complete my long grocery list. Our pantry was becoming bare because of the storms that had blown through. I understood how Noah’s wife must have felt being locked in the ark with her family and all the animals to feed and care for. I just had four kids and one little dog and felt totally overwhelmed.

After giving the three little ones their instructions and making sure their older sister knew I was leaving and she was in charge, I left for my adventure. I had my coupons, list, and money and felt excited because I could have some alone time. This is a sad but true testament to my life—the only alone time is when I am running errands or grocery shopping. I’m sure you mothers out there can understand this.

Although the streets were still wet and, in some cases, a little water was still in the roads, I prayed before I left home and trusted my trip to God. Since I put everything in God’s hand, I felt confident that all would be well. The confidence I had when I started out began to fade turn into anxiety, as I began to encounter more water in the streets. I again prayed as I continued on and began to feel better.

Although the supermarket was only ten miles away I felt as though I had been driving for hours. Suddenly to my relief I was out of the water. Thankfully, I began to praise God for bringing me through the rough spots. The main road was still covered with water but I saw a side street that appeared to be clear. I could see a few “rough” spots ahead but I was full of confidence that I could make it through. “I handled the rough spots so far how much trouble could this small street be?”

Well, I soon found out. The first rough spot was not so bad. My confidence began to build as maneuvered my car around and made it though the second one. Hey, this is not so bad I thought as I attempted to drive around the third spot. But, then it happened! My front wheel dropped off the side of the road and got stuck in the mud. No matter how hard I tried to free my care, nothing worked. All I could do was sit in my car and cry and pray.

Eventually, a man came along in a 4-wheel drive truck and offered to help me. After several attempts and a good mud bath for me my car was free from the muddy grave. I was so happy, I began to jump up and down. I’m sure the poor Samaritan thought I had lost my mind. Before I could ask him how much I owed him, he jumped in his truck and took off.

Fortunately, neither my car nor I was permanently damaged (except my ego, of course) and I was pretty sure that would heal in time. I decided I could not go into the grocery store looking like I did so I carefully turned around and headed back home. When I got home looking like the “thing from the black lagoon,” the kids thought it was hilarious that I was covered in mud from head to foot. After if calmed their hysteria down by threatening to ground them for life, I went inside to clean myself up a bit. I am sure that after a good hot bath for me and a good hot run through the carwash I will feel more like grocery shopping tomorrow. Since I did not buy groceries, I found some popcorn and that is what I fixed for supper. The kids did not mind that at all.

While I was bathing the yucky sticky mud off my worn and tired body, I began to realize that I had asked God to keep me safe. However, when I thought I was in the clear, I took the problem back again to fix my way. I had taken control back from God and tried to do it my way. God did not force His protection on me—He let me go on my own strength. He was there by me the whole time waiting for me to ask Him for help. Yes, God was there but I ignored Him when I thought I could handle the situation.

God will take us through the rough spots in life if we put our complete trust in Him. It’s only when we try to navigate these roads ourselves that we find we are stuck in the mud of life.

Today’s Whisper:

Journal about a tine when you took control back from God and what happened. Did you find life went smoother when you gave him control again?

Today’s Prayer

Father, when the storms of life pound at our door and the water covers our roads of life, help me to remember to leave everything in your capable hands. I cannot navigate the rough roads on my own. It is only with your power that I can make it through. Thank you for never leaving me and always being there to help.