Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moms Are Teachers

What you teach your own children is what you really believe in.

-Cathy Warner Weatherford

Motherhood is full of hard work and responsibility but it is also the most rewarding job a woman can have.  We can do so much for our children by loving them  and teaching them skills and values.  If we teach our children to love God, we will equip them to handle whatever life throws at them.  If we don’t teach them to love God, the world will teach them not to.  Being a mother means being your child’s first teacher and the first few years of life are the most formative years.  We should be careful to pattern our lives in ways that they can see our love of God.  Children are always watching what you do even if they don’t listen to what is said.  I’m not saying motherhood is easy.  It’s not.  We fail at times, we yell at our children, and we expect too much of them at times.  What I am saying is motherhood is important enough to let our children know when we fail and it is okay to say, “I’m sorry.”  No one is perfect not mothers and not children.  But we can teach our children more when they see us fail and get back up.  Let them know failure is not falling but in the staying down.

Our children will remember what we taught them years after we are gone.  Let’s make sure we teach them good values and about God’s love.  Let them see us read our Bible and pray. Let’s talk about God’s grace and love to them.  Children imitate what we do so let’s make sure what we do is what we want them to learn.   Let the lessons be a natural flow of our lives—children know when we are not sincere in what we say and teach.  In other words, in order to lead our children to God, we must first live the life we want them to live.