Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids Today

Our children today can read of evolution

And are taught we come from apes.

They can learn of hate and prejudice

And are encouraged to murder and rape.

Family life is becoming obsolete

In this great country today.

Why it’s just ‘not cool’

To kneel with your family and pray.

Alcohol, drugs, and sex

Are the ‘in things’ to do.

The only thing that really matters

Is what feels good to you.

Our children today are taught that sexual perversion

Is nothing but an alternate lifestyle,

Homosexuality is not a sin--

Why I can almost see Satan smile.

Our children are exposed

To so many of Satan’s snares.

Yet in school they are not allowed to

Bow their heads in prayer.

The Ten Commandments have been taken

Out of our schools by law,

Because the government tries to tell us

They are not meant for all.

The results of this perversion is

Becoming clearer each day--

Kids can kill each other

But it’s wrong for them to pray.


I wrote this years ago, but it is becoming more true today.  We all need to turn to God and let Him take His rightful place in our hearts, our homes and our country.