Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Lord and I

One day I felt so overwhelmed with work and worry, I could not quiet my mind and relax.  I began to call out to God for help.  This is the prayer prayed.

Lord, when my life seems to be spinning out of control help me to stop and smell the roses.  Help me to savor each moment and not rush through the moments on my way to some other time and place.   Help me to take the time to see—really see—all your blessing and to truly feel your love in my heart.  Help me to be still and hear your small still voice.

When I paused and asked Him for help, here is what He said to me.

“My child, I love you and want to enjoy your company.  Just come and sit with me and tell me about your day.  I am here for you.  All you need to do is slow down and enjoy being with me.  There is nothing you do that does not interest me.  Remember you are my child and I am your father.  I love you.  Come to me and rest.”

I then turned off my computer, went into the living room and just sat there.  I felt the peace of His love as He encircled me in His loving arms.  My worries left and we just sat there with our arms around each other—my Lord and I.