Monday, May 19, 2014


I am sorry I have not been posting regularly.  I have been going through a very rough time.  I am standing in the crosshairs of  some vindictive people who love nothing more than spreading lies and untruths about me.  I am  now in danger of losing the grandkids I have had for their entire lives based on these lies.  I have been working and praying in order to keep these kids.  To the other parties involved, the kids are only collateral damage in this vendetta.  There have been so many trials and obstacles placed in my way I am getting physically and emotionally exhausted.  I do covet any prayers you can offer up on these children’s behalf.  If I do lose these kids, I feel like I will be throwing them to the wolves.  None of these kids want to be taken out of my home.  I am raising them to know and trust God.  They are all at a very impressionable age (9-12).  I pray that God gives the lawyers and judges involved the wisdom to really see what is in the best interest of these children. 

I do promise I will post more in the future—bear with me until then.  I know my God is bigger than this problem and He is the one holding me up through all of this.