Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The 7th Trumpet and the 7 Thunders by Russell M. Stendal

Mr. Stendal has written an inspiring book for all students of prophecy and those of us who want to understand the book of Revelation better.

Beginning with Noah’s Ark and concluding with God’s plan of redemption the reader is led through prophecies that will culminate with the end times.  We are shown that all the Bible is tied together and not a bunch of independent stories that do not relate to each other or our world today.

I enjoy the scripture passages that Mr. Stendal uses to support his points.  The reader is treated with a panoramic view of the biblical prophecies and how they tie in to each other.  This is a good resource book that deserves to be read again and again.  In fact, it should be read more than once to glean all the treasures it contains.

I received a copy of this book from Life Sentence Publishing in exchange for an honest review.  All the opinions expressed in the review are solely mine.