Friday, November 21, 2014

Modern Miracle

Miracles can and do still happen. In fact, they happen every day. Unfortunately we are often too busy living our lives in the hectic pace that is so common today, we often miss the miracles that are all around us. I can recall one special miracle that happened to my family on Halloween in 2004.

That Saturday began like every other day for my family—frantic rushing to get somewhere. Today my two older girls had soccer games and as usual we are running late. In the chaos of finding soccer gear and loading up the car a quarrel broke out with the two. “I'm riding in the front seat!” “No I am!” This argument went on for what seemed like hours. Finally, I had enough of this nonsense so I ordered both to get in the back seat so we could leave.

When they finally realized I meant what I said but still mouthing insults to each other, they got in the car. When I heard the last door slam, I heard a frightening scream from the younger boy. I looked back to see what was wrong and my blood ran cold with horror. His hand was stuck in the closed door. I jumped out and tried to open the door but it would not open! My husband came out of the house to see what all the screaming and crying was. He frantically tried to open the door but it was stuck.

“Call 911!' I was still attempting to pry open the door. Just as Mom ran to the house to make the phone call, the EMTs pulled into the driveway. “We were passing your house when we noticed the frantic activity.” one of the men shouted as he came running to the car. I hurriedly explained what had happened. He then began shouting orders while he tried to open the door. Still the door would not budge and the child's hand would not come out.

Now the flurry of activity became even more hectic while the kids were crying and I was praying that God would keep His hand over Christian's hand to minimize the damage to his hand. The EMTs were just as panicked as the rest of us when one turned to me and asked permission to break the car windows in order to use the jaws of life to open the door. “Do what you have to do,” I tearfully replied. With all the prayers that went up today, God surely was listening. The medics tried the door again and it opened up.

Now by this time we had drawn quite a crowd and cheers went up that surely must have reached heaven. I turned around and saw the ambulance waiting in the driveway. While Christian's hand was packed in ice and he was loaded into the ambulance, my daughter grabbed her stomach and moaned. Yes, the mother of this precious child was eight months pregnant. She was rushed into the ambulance with Christian and both of them were rushed off to the hospital—he went for treatment and she went for a checkup to assure her safety and the precious baby she was going to have in a month.

Mom and I followed in my car and rushed into the emergency room. Christian was calm and quiet as the doctors checked out his hand. I imagined every bone and muscle destroyed and when his hand was uncovered there did not appear to be any damage at all. The nurses got him ready to have X-rays and Mom was holding his other hand. I reluctantly left and went to the OB-GYN department to see how my daughter was doing. After she was thoroughly checked out and her health and the health of the baby were confirmed, I went back to the ER to see about Christian. When I returned I heard laughing and cheering from the staff. “What is the prognosis?” I asked utterly confused by the cheerful atmosphere in the exam room. I then saw Christian and his hand was completely normal—even the swelling had gone. One nurse looked at me as she hugged Christian and he smiled through his tears. There was no damage at all to his hand. The ER doctor told us in his “professional” voice that we had all over reacted and had given in to hysteria. One paramedic was still there and was waiting until we found out everything was fine told the doctor “That kid's hand was in that door for 45 minutes before the door would open. I guess if the family over reacted we “professionals” did too. This experience has taught me that miracles do happen because I just witnessed one.”

Yes, a miracle had just happened to us. No one can convince me that God does not perform miracles today. My grandson had an angel holding his hand over that child's hand. No one can convince me He was not protected by my heavenly Father and His angels.
Christian is now twelve years old and has not had any problems with his hand. There is no evidence at all that he suffered a traumatic injury of any kind.

So friends, yes there is a heavenly Father who watches over His children and protects us from dangers that befall us. I will never forget the day that God sent His angels to protect a three year old. Today Christian remembers that day he experienced God's unconditional love for him. His faith and mine were made stronger that day. If you ask him what happened that day he will tell you that God came down and held his hand in His