Monday, April 6, 2015


Well friends, today is a celebration.  Forty years ago today, I said “I do”  to my husband.  If I am honest there have been times when I wish I had said “I don’t”.  But throughout these years, we have been on top of the mountain and at times in the deepest valley.  We held onto each other but most importantly, we held onto God.  When I look back on my life, I sometimes see three sets of footprints—those are the times God walked beside us.  Sometimes I see only one set of footprints—those are the times God had to carry us.  There are even times I see nothing but a deep groove on the road of life.  These are the times God had to pull us through while we were kicking and screaming.  But the prints that really got to me were the butt prints in the sand.  That is when we stubbornly sat down on God.  But thankfully, He never gave us on us.  So here we are celebrating 40 years of life together.  I am hoping for 40 more.