Monday, June 1, 2015

Memories of You

I’ve heard it said that “time heals all wounds but friends, that is not entirely true.  Time put a band aid on  my heart but when a certain song comes on the radio, or I remember something he said, or something he did the band aid is ripped off the wound.  The pain comes back as deep and bleeding as much as that first day.  I know I will see him again and that is what I am so desperately holding on to.  Although May 27 marked the the third year he has been gone, it seems as though I lose him each and every day.  Oh, I have gone on with my life because I have others depending on me.  I have even laughed at times but the hurt never goes away completely.  I am reminded of him is something Nikolas says or Christian does.  I know that through them and all the lives he touched here on this earth, he will live on and on in our hearts. 

So as we embark on the fourth year of missing you I know you are looking down on us and watching over us.  Jason, my son; Kim’s brother; Tori, Christian, Nikolas and Alyssa’s uncle we love you and miss you each and every day.  We will see you someday soon.