Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hold Fast To Your Dream In Spite Of Other People

Friends, I am going to vent again.  I am so tired of being told not to do or say certain things because it might “offend” someone.  I am so done with this political correct crap you can stick a fork in me—I am so done. My twelve year old grandson came upon this P.C. crap personally the other night and yes I am offended by what this “grown-up” told him in front of other students and parents.  Yes, I am offended by her reaction.  Oh, my bad liberals can’t offend they can only be offended. 
My grandson is a budding comedian and was chosen to appear in Graves County’s Got Talent at Graves County High School on Saturday, October 17.  Rehearsal was Friday evening.  Everything was disorganized as all rehearsals are but after Nikolas was finally able to perform his routine.  The director of the program told him his jokes offended her.  Now he did not use profanity, I hear his jokes to make sure that are appropriate, all his jokes were clean and family appropriate.  She was offended on a political joke about a Democratic woman running for President.  This woman told him in plain language that his jokes offended her.   She told him she was voting for this candidate.  Now I don’t care who she votes for but to throw her political views in the face of a child is, to me, unacceptable.  It would be bad enough for her to do this when she was alone with him but she put him down in front of other kids and their parents.  That my friends, offended me.
Now, I will not mention her name because I am not trying to stoop to her level.  Besides, she knows who she is, as well as, all the people there that night.  This is an open letter to her because I want her to know how she almost ruined a young man’s dreams.  I say almost because I talked to him all the way home encouraging him not to give up his dream.  I told him all good comedians have offended people at same point in their career.  I have been offended by a few comedians that can’t tell a joke without using profanity. So here goes.
Dear Ms.
I am totally ashamed of you and also embarrassed for you.  You were supposed to be the adult but I am proud of my grandson because he showed much more maturity than you.  Before he did his routine Saturday night he did say that some of his jokes might offend some people and he apologized but it was comedy. I am proud of him for that but by the applause he got, few people were offended.  I really hope you are happy because he was ready to give up on his dreams because of you.  I understand you are a drama coach and teacher and no doubt a good one.  However, if you humiliate and embarrass some of your students like you did my grandson, you would probably lose your job.  I do know that if my child were in the class I would definitely be at school the next morning and pardon me, I would haunt you until you apologized in front of the entire school.  I’m sorry but you have riled up a grandmother who is teaching her kids how to work for their dreams.
I don’t know how many comedians you have seen but let me tell you I cannot think of a single comedian that is worth watching who has not offended anyone at times.  Even Jesus offended people when He walked this earth—usually the self-righteous Pharisees. I know you probably don’t like me and that is ok because I don’t care.  If “everyone loves you”, you are either not being authentic or have a lot of fake friends.
If I have offended  you I will not apologize because, madam, you offended me when you tried to step on my grandson’s dreams.  Oh, by the way, he has been asked to be a part of a comedy show in November at the Market House Theater in Paducah.  The director of that show has heard his jokes—even the one that offended you and he likes them.
Have a good day and may God bless you.